Moving From Consumption to Compassion

During the 40 days of your fast, as you walk with Chris, consume less food - as you begin to identify with people living in need and poverty, and as you perhaps make water your only beverage of choice during the fast – consider turning your savings into a blessing.

With the money that you save by drinking water and eating less for 40 days, offer that as an act of love by partnering with Living Water International and Compassion International.

Click on the icons below and find out how your contributions can provide health and life to women and children in need of medicine and food through Compassions Child Survival program, or partner with Living Water International and provide a cup of clean, safe water in Jesus’ name to billions in this world who are thirsty.

Moving from consumption to compassion is the definition of love; - partnering with Compassion and Living Water is a way to make that love real.

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